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IICDF is a regional leader in the disability community and a comprehensive resource for information about education, employment and assistive technology for children and adults with disabilities, corporate disability initiatives and other disability related topics and best practices. To inquire about an expert speaker, please contact us through our Connect With Us here.


Our Employment Placement Services assist youths and adults with disabilities, aging individuals and veterans in conducting successful job searches.


Supported Employment is a unique employment service for individuals with the most significant disabilities who require ongoing support services to succeed in competitive employment.


Together, we can influence legislation and public policy that will ensure people with disabilities lead active, independent lives. Now more than ever, people with disabilities need to be active participants in their communities.


Our Vocational Rehabilitation Career Camps are a great way for students to prepare for careers in the 21st Century. Students will participate in a variety of Pre-Employment Transition Services to explore careers and learn about the many choices they can make after high school.

Full Community Participation & Economic Self-Sufficiency

“Since I founded IICDF in 2013, our goals have been to prepare youths and adults with a variety of disabilities for entry or re-entry into the workforce and assists them in securing pre-employment services as well as employment so that they can enjoy independent living, full community participation and economic self-sufficiency.”

Roger Lolly • Founder