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Employment Placement Services

Supported Employment is a unique employment service for individuals with the most significant disabilities who require ongoing support services to succeed in competitive employment.

The program funds Supported Employment in a variety of business environments for anyone requiring intensive employment supports, including initial placement and stabilization in the workplace.

Supported Employment offers continuing assistance from an employment specialist to maintain long-term employment for individuals who have previously been unable to succeed in traditional employment.

Values of Supported Employment

The following are the values that a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor uses when considering an individual for supported employment:

  • Inclusion in the community
  • Presumption that the individual will be able to work
  • Placement in competitive employment
  • Individualized plan development
  • The support of family members, friends or coworkers

Supported Employment:

  • Is work for pay at the same rate as other employees
  • Promotes social integration, productivity, and maximum use of a person’s skills and abilities
  • Takes place in an integrated work setting
  • Assists individuals with developmental disabilities, severe and persistent mental illnesses, or other significant disabilities
  • Includes job coaching that is often provided by an employment specialist after placement on the job
  • The support of family members, friends or coworkers
  • Maintains support services to the worker for present and future employment needs
  • Builds extended, ongoing supports with agencies and partners outside of VR to assist a person in maintaining employment

Supports may include: arranging transportation, placement, training or retraining the supported worker, developing natural supports and assistive technology, if needed, to perform job duties.

We have helped over 100 people search for employment

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“This was a great experience for my 14 year old son Andre. He enjoyed it very much even though it was virtual. I have to thank you for having this kind of program and preparing teenagers for what they’re going to encounter in the future. ”

Lythia Tillery, Parent

“My daughter Kristanna loves the program. We would like to thank all for the help n support this program offers.”

Crystal Lynne, Mother
The difference this program made for my son was measurable. Within a very short time he had a job and was moving forward in his life. I am very grateful.
Sarah Crawford, Google Review
All of the staff were very encouraging , from the moment I was contacted to the very end. Wish I had this program when I was getting ready for the work world.
Miroslaba Domenech, Google Review

Full Community Participation & Economic Self-Sufficiency

“Since I founded IICDF in 2013, our goals have been to prepare youths and adults with a variety of disabilities for entry or re-entry into the workforce and assists them in securing pre-employment services as well as employment so that they can enjoy independent living, full community participation and economic self-sufficiency.”

Roger Lolly • Founder