Vocational Rehabilitation Career Camp (VRCC)

Vocational Rehabilitation Career Camps (VRCCs) are a great way for students to prepare for careers in the 21st Century. Students will participate in a variety of Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) to explore careers and learn about the many choices they can make after high school. VR will partner with approved VR Career Camp providers to deliver any combination of the following Pre-ETS to create a unique Career Camp experience. Career Camps will be available any time students are out of school for at least three consecutive days (e.g. summer break, winter recess, spring break).

Skills Learned in Camp Include:

  • Job Exploration (CE)

  • Postsecondary Education (PE)
  • Workplace Readiness Training (WR)
  • Self-Advocacy (SA)
  • Work Experience (WE)

Upon completion of camp session, each student will receive a working resume, a certificate of completion and a VISA GIFT CARD! Students must bring packed lunch. Snacks will be provided.


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Full Community Participation & Economic Self-Sufficiency

“Since I founded IICDF in 2013, our goals have been to prepare youths and adults with a variety of disabilities for entry or re-entry into the workforce and assists them in securing pre-employment services as well as employment so that they can enjoy independent living, full community participation and economic self-sufficiency.”

Roger Lolly • Founder